Lewis Hamilton on the 2015 Spanish Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton on the 2015 Spanish Grand Prix plus Results and Photos
Lewis Hamilton on the 2015 Spanish Grand Prix. From Practice to Qualifying to the Race itself.


  • Spanish GP Race

    10 May 2015
    Weather: Clear Dry Hot
    Air Temp: 25 – 28°C
    Track Temp: 46 – 52°C
    Car: F1 W06 Hybrid/01
    Start: Medium (Used)
    Stop 1: Medium (New, L13)
    Stop 2: Hard (New, L32)
    Stop 3: Medium (Used, L51)
    Fatest Lap: 1:28.270 (Lap 54)
    Grid: P02
    Finish: 2nd

    Lewis Hamilton: "I got off to a poor start with too much wheel spin and had to fight hard just to keep third. From there it was always going to be tough as it's difficult to run right behind another car here and even tougher to pass. I managed to stay close enough to Seb before the first stops but unfortunately we lost a bit of time there. In the end, we went for a three stop strategy to try something different. That call was made quite early on as it was clear it wouldn't have worked to stay out for that long and, again, passing on track was almost impossible. Luckily we had the pace to make it work. Nico was then 22 seconds ahead with 15 laps to go which was a big gap. I pushed really hard to close up until about 6 laps from the end but I was only gaining about a second per lap which wasn't enough. So, damage limitation on a difficult weekend for me. But I'm grateful that I could score some good points for the team."
    Lewis Hamilton on track at the F1 2015 Spanish Grand Prix
    Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport: "That feels like two P1 results today after such a demanding race. Lewis lost a position on the start, then had a slow first pit stop, and that left him stuck behind Vettel’s Ferrari in the second stint. At that point, we knew that the only chance of getting past Sebastian was to do something different with the strategy but it was still a bold move to try the three-stopper. It was only going to work if Lewis managed to overtake on track and he made it work with great moves on Räikkönen and Bottas – he was decisive when he needed to be and showed some incredible pace on the prime tyre. As Lewis was building the gap he needed ahead of Sebastian in his third stint, we actually compromised Nico a little bit by leaving him out longer than optimum before his second stop. This made sure the two cars didn’t trip over each other on track, while running different strategies, and gave Lewis the clear air he needed to build the gap to secure P2. Following Lewis’ final stop, it was clear after a few laps pushing that the pace difference between the cars wasn’t big enough for him to challenge for the win, so we then told both drivers to bring the car home. It’s a great feeling to take a one-two finish at this circuit, which is a really severe test for the complete car package, and a confirmation that the updates we brought in a number of areas correlated to the track and delivered a good performance improvement. Well done to everybody back at both factories, now we will get our heads down and start working for Monaco."
    Paddy Lowe, Executive Director (Technical): "We’re absolutely delighted with today’s result. It’s important for us as a team to have two drivers competing and pushing each other – which is exactly what we’re seeing again this year. For Lewis, the race didn’t start off well with a lot of wheel spin off the line. From there, it was impossible for him to overtake Sebastian with the very marginal pace advantage we enjoyed in the first stint. We therefore attempted the undercut with an early stop but, unfortunately for Lewis, this didn’t work out after a problem with the left rear in the pit stop, so our apologies to him for that. This then required us to pull out something more extreme with the three stop strategy – which seemed like a bit of a long shot at the time. But Lewis’ pace on the prime tyre and then again on the second set of options was extraordinary. This enabled him to break free enough to avoid an overtaking situation before the third stop, making it a much more comfortable second place than it could have been. So, a huge congratulations to everyone on an important result to start the European season and a special thanks to everyone at our factories for all their hard work."
    Lewis Hamilton celebrating on the podium after finishing 2nd in the F1 2015 Spanish Grand Prix
  • Spanish GP Qualifying

    09 May 2015
    Weather: Hot Sunny Windy
    Air Temp: 22 – 26°C
    Track Temp: 19 – 48°C
    Car: F1 W06 Hybrid/01
    Q1: P01 1:26.382 / 08 Laps
    Q2: P02 1:25.740 / 03 Laps
    Q3: P02 1:24.948 / 06 Laps

    Lewis Hamilton will line up P2 on tomorrow’s grid, completing a third front row lockout of the season for the Mercedes Silver Arrows

    Lewis Hamilton: "It was quite tricky out there today. I did the best I could – but it wasn’t quite fast enough and Nico did a really good job. I think he’s been a bit more comfortable with the balance than I have so far this weekend. The rear was under-rotating quite a bit today, which means you have oversteer and poor traction, so I lost a lot of time in the middle sector. In the end, P2 isn’t so bad. Of course, being on pole makes life a bit easier but it doesn’t mean you can’t win from elsewhere on the grid. Generally speaking, the outside of the grid is cleaner here so you can usually get a good start from there. The main opportunities to gain places will be the start and the pit stops as it’s hard to overtake but I’ll give my best shot like always. Every race you do, you’re thinking about racing for the Championship and I’ll keep driving the same way I always do. It may not have been the greatest weekend so far but it’s not over yet – tomorrow is where it counts."
    Toto Wolff: "Lewis suffered from an oversteer balance on his laps and it’s very hard to find the limit at this circuit when that’s the case. But he still took P2 and can target a strong race tomorrow. We have a solid half-second gap today but I am sure things will be closer in the race. The conditions are very hot and we will have to manage the tyres carefully tomorrow in order to find the right balance between durability and speed. I’m expecting a pretty interesting afternoon."
    Paddy Lowe: "That was a great qualifying session and we’re really pleased to get the front row at Barcelona. It’s a very important result because overtaking is more difficult than usual at this track. Likewise, it was pleasing to be able to save two new sets of option tyres for the race – one with each car – and that will be an advantage tomorrow. Conditions out there were pretty tricky, too, with a lot of gusting wind. Looking at the relative performances, we seem to have maintained a good differential at this first European circuit where everybody brought a lot of upgrades; which is a really important achievement. We’re looking forward to tomorrow and to seeing if we can convert our front row positions into a lot of championship points."

    Spanish GP Practice

    08 May 2015
    Weather: Hot Dry Windy
    Air Temp: 20 – 30°C
    Track Temp: 18 – 51°C
    Car: F1 W06 Hybrid/01
    P1: 27 Laps 1:26.898 P2
    P2: 26 Laps 1:26.852 P1

    Lewis Hamilton: "It’s been a fairly decent day – mainly working on setup, tweaking the balance bit by bit. It’s often hard to get a good comparison between the sessions with the track and wind conditions changing. The wind was quite strong at times today and really inconsistent around the lap. The car is quite affected by that and it was pretty hot out there in the afternoon too, so I think maybe the temperatures also had an effect on lap times. The priority was understanding the tyres and how they wear because, ultimately, the race is the most important part of the weekend. We’ve not analysed the times yet but our pace felt pretty strong."
    Toto Wolff: "It was an unusual day out on track and a good one for us, with one of our drivers topping each session. You could see that it was tricky out there for all the drivers in the field - some of the onboard shots were all over the place and pretty exciting to watch. Both our boys were complaining about a lack of grip and I'm sure that was similar for every team. The second session was quite a strange one, with some unusual gaps between the teams, and we found the car was better on the prime tyre than the option in the hot conditions. Like last year, we looked particularly strong in the third sector, for which you need to keep the tyres in good condition around the rest of the lap - and that's an encouraging sign. There's now plenty of work ahead of us to analyse the data tonight and make the right choices for tomorrow and Sunday."
    Paddy Lowe: "It’s been a reasonably trouble-free day and a positive start to the weekend. It was quite windy out on track but generally the conditions have been good. The morning session focused on experimenting with setup, while the afternoon followed the usual programme of learning how best to use the tyres for qualifying and the race. Our pace looked encouraging on both compounds but we’re expecting another close battle. On the long runs there were some difficult aspects to managing the tyres, so we’ll be working hard overnight to put ourselves in the best position possible for the race. Finally, we’ve brought quite a few aerodynamic updates to this race, so a big thank you to everybody back at the factory for putting in the hard work to get those on the car for this weekend."


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